Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holy cannoli! (Or kosher, at least)

Boy, do I ever have egg on my face--since I've been trying to behave myself by not going to the kosher bakery near my "kaddish synagogue," I completely forgot that they sell cannolis! My husband and I were in that neighborhood this past Sunday, and scarfed up some good kosher pastries. Yum!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adore cannolis!
I even have cannoli tubes to make them.

Tue Feb 16, 03:27:00 PM 2010  
Anonymous Miami Al said...

I went on a quest to get Canolis for my wife's birthday, and got very excited when I found them in a store... alas, not kosher certified... lucky you!

Tue Feb 16, 10:04:00 PM 2010  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Anon., you're much more ambitious in the kitchen--I can barely boil water. I may try just making the filling--ricotta cheese, sugar or honey, chocolate chips, mix 'em up, and right to the table in a bowl. :)

Miami Al, better luck next time.

Wed Feb 17, 08:09:00 AM 2010  

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